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Simplify administrative tasks and engage parents with modern and user-friendly communication tools.

These tools are quickly embraced by educators, streamlining and expediting their tasks, making them more available for the well-being of children. Grafea-GO provides specific management, planning, and control tools for childcare services to the general directions.



All the essential features

Attendance management

Instant messaging


Attendance records

Accident report

Holiday calendar


Grafea-GO ensures seamless and direct communication between the childcare service and parents, fostering a constant connection.

Instant messaging keeps parents connected with the caregivers at childcare service who ensure the well-being of their child.

With Grafea-GO, childcare service staff can send and receive emails directly on the platform. Sending emails to parents is simple and fast. The online platform and mobile application also allow communication through instant messaging (like Messenger).


What our customers say

Je suis en période de vérification intérimaire pour le rapport financier annuel et j’ADORE LES FICHES D’ASSIDUITÉ!

Grafea-GO fait gagner un temps précieux à tous: les parents, l’administration et les éducatrices. La simplicité du système améliore grandement les communications entre les parents et le CPE. Les éducatrices se sont rapidement adaptées et se sentent plus impliquées dans leur travail et dans le développement des enfants.




Operational efficiency


Intuitive design

Mobiles, tablets, and computers. A user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Grafea-GO can be completely customized to suit the specific needs of your childcare service, incorporating your own terminology!

Exciting new features are regularly introduced to enhance your experience.

Simplicity, speed, ease


We believe that an application should be used naturally, without the need for a user guide. That's why we prioritize important information and keep the interface simple and intuitive. Our experiences have shown that even those resistant to change quickly become familiar with the Grafea-GO tool.


Grafea-Go streamlines administrative tasks and provides relevant management information for the smooth operation of CPE and SDG.