Grafea-GO Plans

Why do we offer a free plan?

Because we know that if you decide to go further in simplifying your online processes, you will not hesitate to continue with our easy-to-use tool.

If you keep the free plan forever, is Grafea-GO losing?

Not at all! We are happy to be able to help CPEs and SDGs within their means and we know that people who opt for the free plan appreciate Grafea-GO and promote it to encourage more people to take advantage of our accessible platform.

With such a complete free plan, you have every reason to opt for our platform (the easiest to use and the fastest to set up) today!

NOTE: Prices shown do not include taxes.


Basic Plan


Complete Plan

1,75 $ per child/month

Children, respondents and allergies records
Attendance management
(Drag and drop)
Vacation calendar
Attendance sheets
Weight tracking
Medication management
Food service
Accident reports
Instant messaging
Photo sharing
(secured network)
Video sharing
(secured network)
Pedagogical planning
Educational records
Periodical portraits
Service agreements
Registration forms
Management of part-time contracts
Real-time status
Attendance forecast
La Place 0‑5 bridge
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