Children's Presence in the rooms

Drag and drop, a simple and quick gesture! The presence system assigns children to a room. This allows for the constant localization of children within the facility.


Accident Reports

  • Fast and accurate production of accident reports by the daycare staff.
  • Multiple pre-established report templates: accident/incident, vomiting/diarrhea, allergy, fever...
  • Approval of accident reports by the administration before sending them to parents.
  • Systematic notification to parents that an accident report has been sent to them.
  • Parents can access and receive the reports through the Parent Portal and email.
  • Confirmation of parents reading the accident reports, including who and when.
  • Reports are stored for future reference.


Instant Messaging

The integrated instant messaging in Grafea-GO enables direct and efficient communication between parents, childcare professionals, and the management team. With the convenience of using their mobile phones, parents can easily connect with the responsible educators, ensuring seamless coordination and collaboration.


Customizable logbooks (diaries) 

The logbooks are fully customizable. Each group, or even each child, can have their own custom logbook.

You can record specific information for a child or information that applies to all children in the group with just one click.

Grafea-GO offers standard logbooks and provides an editor where each childcare service can adapt their logbooks according to the unique needs of their clientele.


Sharing Videos with Parents



Attendance Records



Exclusive management tools


  • Display of real-time number of children present and overall ratio.
  • Presence and overall ratio forecasts based on children's habits.
  • Automatic updating of statistics without the need to reload pages.
  • Graph with a list of arrived, expected, and absent children.
  • Visualization of expected children in each group for upcoming days.

Presence Management

  • Child status is instantly updated on all devices without any further intervention. No need to refresh pages to see the changes.
  • Color changes based on the child's status: present, departed, absent.
  • Display of the average arrival time for each child.
  • At all times, you know which room a child is in.
  • Enhanced safety in the event of an evacuation from the daycare.

Medication Management

  • Child Medication Management.
  • Medication management specific to a child's needs.
  • Medication management specific to the daycare service.
  • Tracking expiration dates, prescription validity, and treatment dates with notifications when these dates are approaching.
  • Digitized signatures for parents authorizing medications according to their protocols.
  • Medication administration records.

Service Agreements

A tool designed to save you time

The Grafea-GO service agreement management helps you save precious time. Optimize your time for a task that used to take more than a day.

Our tool uses the same government forms you are familiar with, with the difference that with digital forms, you can:

  • Pre-register information to avoid the need to retype repetitive information for each child;
  • Simultaneously prepare personalized contracts with attachments for multiple children who share the same contractual characteristics.

Grafea-GO provides you with secure online storage for your service agreements. Once signed and accepted, each service agreement is organized and easily accessible within the platform. You can quickly identify which parents have not yet signed their service agreement and send them a reminder, eliminating the need to search through physical files!

If needed, the documents can be printed.

Make it easier for parents

With the option to send service agreements online, parents can review and sign each document on their mobile device at their convenience. They receive the documents in PDF format, identical to the paper forms you use. On the service agreement, they can adjust their child's arrival and departure times.