Service agreements

A tool designed to save you time

Managing service agreements with Grafea-GO saves you precious time. Optimize your time for a task that could take much longer before.

Our tool uses the same government forms that you are used to, except that with digital forms, you can :

  • Pre-set information to avoid having to re-type information that is repeated for each child;
  • Simultaneously prepare personalized contracts with annexes for several children who share the same contractual characteristics.

Grafea-GO provides you with secure storage of your online service agreements. Once signed and accepted each service agreement is filed. In the platform, you can also see at a glance which parent has not yet signed their document in order to remind them. No more digging through a filing cabinet!

Documents can be printed as needed.

Make it easier for parents

With the sending of service agreements online, parents can review and sign each document on their mobile device at convenient moment for them. Parents receive documents in PDF format identical to the paper forms you use. On the service agreement, they can adjust the arrival and departure times of their child.

Create service agreements for several children at the same time. Save time!

Grafea-GO's service agreements, simple and effective

Here is a short video that shows you how it works, from the blank form to the signatures. (This video will be available in english soon)