You want to try Grafea-GO for your childcare?

Nothing's easier! And it's free.
It works equally well on cellphones, tablets and computers.

1- You enter your information to identify yourself.
2- You indicate the name of your installation.
3- Click "Create my platform".

It's done, you can use it!

Try Grafea-GO for my daycare!

You need to manage COVID surveys? Try Grafea-GO.

As the pandemic we all face forces us to adapt quickly, so do our tools. The Grafea-GO team was quick to provide you with a simple and efficient process. Parents complete the questionnaire daily, as required, and responses are kept. If a case arises, the management is notified. This makes it easier for management to deal with the situation.

Grafea-GO offers you this COVID survey tool for free. Put it to test without any obligation!

Everyone can do it!

The Grafea-GO platform is intended to be very intuitive. Designed on the same user experience principles as popular platforms like Facebook, you’ll find your way around without a hitch.

Don’t be afraid: Click and try. You will see, you will discover remarkable things!

It needs data!

You can easily enter the contact details of your children and their parents by yourself, no problem. You import them directly from La Place 0-5 or from an EXCEL list. You can also start from an ACCEO backup, with a little help from us.

Contact us to see how we can help you.

It's only a beginning!

The Grafea-GO platform will be of great service to you. Your parents will feel involved. For example, you can produce your accident reports easily and quickly. Your parents receive them automatically as soon as approved by the daycare management.

Grafea-GO offers exclusive management tools to facilitate administrative tasks.

Yes it is safe. The information found in Grafea-GO is confidential. We are aware of this and we are protecting all the data as it should.

It would be too good if everything was free.

This is not possible, we have to charge for some modules. As Grafea-GO is a very powerful platform, its design requires funds. It is important not to see it as an expense, but as an investment. Firstly for you who will benefit from the services that Grafea-GO will provide you and also to allow the development of new functions at the cutting edge of your needs. We will make sure that you increase the added value of your investment.

We are passionate about designing high quality tools while remaining affordable.